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We monitor and redirect your spend like it’s our own.

Fun (okay, distressing) fact: Most agencies check paid search and social buys every 2-3 weeks. Why is this a problem? Because although Google and Facebook are powerful tools, they are definitely not ‘set it and forget it’ environments. 

Apiary’s paid media experts watch every bid like a hawk, making daily optimizations instead of expecting the algorithm to do that for us. To be clear, we believe in algorithms. We also believe in hands touching those algorithms frequently. 

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Quick overview

Simply put, programmatic advertising is a way of buying media. While the category is often associated solely with display, a range of media types are available, including audio, video, native, DOOH, and social.

Programmatic buying uses algorithms to transact advertising units based on predetermined bid selections and parameters. This leads to more efficient spend and better ROAS. 

Things to consider

We’re such data heads that you’ll never hear us refer to a ‘perfect’ ad campaign, but programmatic advertising is designed to inch you as close to that destination as possible.

When optimized fully, programmatic’s learning capabilities allow the deepest levels of audience segmentation, but then goes further to determine the statistical likelihood of when those users will buy. It’s data on data on data (our favorite kind). 


  • Programmatic display advertising automates digital ad placement with a complex interplay of targeting algorithms. 
  • Programmatic technology offers the highest degrees of audience segmentation.
  • If you’re looking for the most data-centric paid media option, programmatic is it.
A preview of working with us!

Digital marketing case study:

While merging five brand websites into one domain, partnered with Apiary to mitigate SEO rankings risk while keeping the lead pipeline flowing.


Growth in leads from Google Ads, with 73% reduction in CPL


Increase in organic search visibility


Growth in leads from LinkedIn ads, with 55% reduction in CPL

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!