Digital Marketing Consulting Services

The Apiary Collective is chock full of experienced digital marketers providing a range of digital marketing consulting services.

Paid Search (PPC & SEM)

Programmatic (display)

Organic Search (SEO)

Analytics & Reporting




No matter what your digital marketing challenge, our team has you covered with one of our three digital marketing service offerings. Each can be customized and scaled to meet your nuanced business needs:

Audit & Roadmap: Diagnose performance issues.

Challenge: Your brand has excellent potential, but results are lagging and opportunities are missed.

Solution: You want to understand if you’re putting your money in the right places and how you can drive growth.

1-3 months | Project-based flat rate

Flex Resourcing. Augment my team.

Challenge: It’s hard to tackle aggressive growth targets when staffing is a constant battle.

Solution: You want a solution to drive results in spite of the variables; Fluctuations in seasonal workload, employee leave, and turnover.

3 & 6 months | Retainer w/ max hours

Growth Marketing. Manage my marketing programs.

Challenge: You’re one person responsible for multiple acquisition channels.

Solution: You want a team you can trust to be accountable for strategy, execution, and performance.

6 & 12 months | Flat monthly rate

What to Expect

With Apiary, you get a team of professionals bringing extensive digital experience to the table. (Yes, everyone who touches your program–not just the senior folks).

How it Works

Meet with us so we can learn more about your business & resource needs; and ensure we’re a good fit for one another.

We’ll present you with a customized service package, sign an agreement, and match you with a carefully curated team.

We’ll kick-off, deep-dive into your business, and establish a partnership to achieve your marketing goals.

Find out why clients call Apiary their "secret weapon" for sustainable business results.