About Apiary Digital

Not an agency. An innovative talent collective.

The traditional agency model is not successful for humans. There, we said it. It doesn’t work for companies who need lower-overhead access to expertise, and it definitely doesn’t work for talent who want their life to be about more than work. The agency model is failing us.

Our founder, Karen Amundson, conceived Apiary as a new category – the talent collective – that drives client-partner performance and consultant-partner satisfaction equally. Our model proves that prioritizing people isn’t a lofty ideal – it’s a documented path to business growth.

Our Story

Long before the pandemic (and certainly since), a mass of A-player talent has been leaving traditional agencies and full-time roles in search of remote and highly flexible environments. The expert talent market is increasingly about ad hoc access over outright ownership.

Noticing this, Apiary was founded on an idea that we’ve subsequently verified with almost a decade of data: Making talent Customer #1 delivers bottom-line growth for Customer #2 (our client-partners).

We’ve created a structure that meets the updated career expectations of top digital marketers, which allows them to apply their expertise to generate consistent growth for our client-partners. Treat people well and everyone wins. Who knew?

Flexible access to top talent

While the talent market was changing, we also saw brands of all sizes juggling a disjointed collection of freelancers, struggling to retain a full suite of digital skills in-house, or losing the bulk of their marketing budget to a handful of agencies that dished out the same formula to every client.

Apiary’s flex model solves this problem. Client-partners can tap into the full spectrum of digital marketing resources when they need it, and not when they don’t. Apiary’s client-partners range from fin and health tech brands to direct-to-consumer retailers, and everything in between.

Our structure

Our Hive is filled with vetted, Apiary-Approved performance marketers who are carefully selected for each engagement based on industry experience, engagement opportunity, passion for the brand, and personality.

Full service means anything is possible.

Creating business success in the ever-evolving digital landscape requires zero constraints. Thanks to our model, our services know no limits.

Data leads everything.

That’s it. That’s the tweet.

We take ‘responsive’ to another level.

Daily campaign monitoring and optimizations. Flexible teams to lean in when you need it. We live the “hands-on-keyboards” philosophy.

Humans are greater than business. And when you take care of the former, the latter can’t help but thrive.

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!

We’re your performance marketing subscription.

Meet the Hive

Apiary is a collective of 50+ active digital marketing consultants sprinkled across the U.S., Canada, and Europe with a talent bench of 100+ deep. Come say hello!