Consultant-Partner Case Study:

Ceilidh MacLeod

10 years of experience

Respecting my time

“My biggest pain point with freelancing has always been time management. No agency has respected my time as much as Apiary.” 

Consistent growth

“I’m constantly learning from Tee. I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by kind, driven, inspirational women. I finally found that here.”

Excellence + compassion

“It’s refreshing to work with people who are empathetic and compassionate but also incredibly skilled and technical.” 

Ceilidh MacLeod

SME: Client Strategy

Apiary drew me in as a client and ultimately converted me to a team member.

My client-partner perspective: A conventional growth agency is generally bogged down by layers of hierarchy and structure — you’re communicating through an account manager and always a beat away from the true technical experts, which leads to slow response time, delays, and fractured results. With Apiary’s model, you get a direct line to highly skilled and hands-on professionals. Questions are answered immediately, changes are made on the fly, and targets are achieved faster.

My consultant-partner perspective: Unlike typical agencies, Apiary asks consultants to opt into a project – you’re never automatically assigned. They allow me to set my availability and at any moment, I know I can come to them for additional resources or to shift the workload.

“I met Apiary as a client and then became a Hive member. I was drawn in by the expertise, communication flow, organizational skills, but the warmth of the people stood out most.”

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!