Inclusive Marketing

Let’s start by clearing up a big misconception: Inclusive marketing is NOT a call to turn your brand into a social justice engine…it’s a business strategy that smartly considers diversity. 

As a company that actively recruits diverse talent, and operates multiple DEI initiatives, inclusive marketing lines up well with our overall value system. But that’s not our driving motivation here.

Multiple years of census data show that the racial and ethnic diversity of the U.S. population continues to increase. 48% of Gen Z are from communities of color. Diversity marketing isn’t about developing targeted initiatives because some voice in the sky is shouting, “Be diverse!” 

We’re targeting because all the data says that huge customer segments are currently being ignored, leaving a whole lotta coins on the table. Inclusive performance marketing is pure future-proofing.

Inclusive marketing IS performance marketing.

There’s simply no getting around it: Sustainable growth must engage diverse and niche audiences. Apiary’s inclusive marketing playbook includes:

  • Lookalike prospecting to break you out of oversaturating existing customer types
  • Feeding algorithms new data to overcome algorithmic bias and acquire net new conversions
  • Running tests on major platforms like Google, Instagram and Facebook, but also emerging channels that provide access to more diverse audiences, and typically have cheaper CPCs/CPMs.

The day is (fast) coming when brands not practicing inclusive marketing will cease to exist. That’s not a hot take – it’s statistically accurate.

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!