Content Marketing Services and Strategy

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Content marketing is not a one-time exercise. The most high-converting customer journey requires excellent content that’s regularly refreshed.

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Content is often viewed as an artsy thing that lacks quantitative grounding. Not here. Our content experts participate in user data analysis to fuel data-driven content creation.

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Brands must stop resisting multi-channel marketing, embrace the possibility that their content quality isn’t up to snuff, and learn to prove the ROI of content marketing services.

Content Marketing Matters. Here’s Why:

In this digital age, where brand leaders are tasked with demonstrating ever-increasing budget efficiencies, data-driven content marketing strategy services are a highly effective investment.

However, as much as we love a good ROI, here’s the important part:
Content marketing IS marketing. Every customer touchpoint = content. 

Trying to avoid content entirely, or consistently publishing mediocre-quality content just so you can check it off the list, are performance red flags we’d love to help you turn green.

Content Marketing Services

Apiary Digital Content Marketing Service #1: Audience Persona Development

Our detailed profiles go beyond simplistic demographics to craft a nuanced view of your target audience to better tailor marketing efforts.

Apiary Digital Content Marketing Service #2: Content Creation

Science. Strategy. Creativity. We develop highly relevant and segment-specific content and creative assets to engage your audience on multiple channels.

Apiary Digital Content Marketing Service #3: Email Marketing Campaigns

Data analysis is the critical first step before we craft strategic email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and retain existing customers.

Apiary Digital Content Marketing Service #4: Website Content Optimization

Think bigger than individual content pieces. Our technical experts optimize site structure, technical SEO, and UX to enhance content visibility.

Apiary Digital Content Marketing Service #5: Social Media Management

Multichannel marketing or go home. We create compelling organic content that meets the specific contextual needs of each platform. (Stop copying and pasting across all platforms!)

Apiary Digital Content Marketing Service #6: Content Calendar Creation

Our strategic editorial planning, content organizing framework, and distribution schedules maintain brand consistency, relevance, and alignment with marketing goals.

Apiary Digital Content Marketing Service #7:  Analytics and Performance Monitoring

Content and data should never be separated. We analyze key metrics and performance indicators to measure content effectiveness, identify trends, and make data-driven optimizations.

2 Common Misconceptions
About Content Marketing

Strategic Consulting Services

Competitor Analysis

100% of our content marketing strategies start with competitor research. We analyze messaging, tactics, SEO strategies, and more to identify strengths, weaknesses, and differentiation opportunities.

Content Strategy Development

Most brands jump too quickly into content creation. We begin by defining goals, audience segments, content themes, optimal formats, and the distribution strategy that aligns with brand objectives.

Content Distribution Strategy

Never random, we take a systematic approach to disseminating content across a host of channels (websites, social media, email, press and PR outlets, etc) to maximize reach and brand credibility.

Training and Workshops

Looking to up-skill your internal team? Our content marketing consulting services often include educational workshops and hands-on training to help your team produce more successful campaigns.

Content Performance Reporting

“We analyze the data” needs to mean more than glancing at surface-level analytics. Our extensive suite of tools connects ALL content data signals to drive truly data-driven optimization strategies and demonstrate ROI.

Apiary Digital's content marketing process and strategic consulting services.

How Our Content Marketing Experts Work

Whether you need a temporary stop-gap solution or to extend your internal capacity with ongoing resourcing, you can count on Apiary to bring a data-first mindset, velocity and adaptability, and repeatable performance gains delivered by best-in-class marketing experts.

The vibe check matters. Unlike conventional agencies that disappear for weeks on end, our talent collective prefers a highly collaborative dynamic. No performance silos. No us/them energy. Yes to role clarity and an even bigger yes to one team working towards a common goal.

Apiary Client Success Story

Goal: Grow revenue from outbound email marketing

  • Redefined customer and audience segmentation
  • Restructured existing email content, templates, and cadence.
  • Crafted content-driven offers and campaigns to ensure brand engagement and ongoing sales
  • Improved email customer journey by optimizing and developing net new relevant content on the site and product pages.

increase in email flow
conversion value

increase in revenue
from SMS

increase in overall
attributed revenue

Rick Burke, President, Thermetrics

Why Choose Apiary Content Marketing Services

Empathy – Exceptional brand content requires deep listening – but not the performative kind. The kind that leads to real understanding. Our content is A+ because we have empathy for our client-partners and maybe slightly more empathy for their customers and clients.

Science – Every piece of content we produce is powered by research, customer data, and industry benchmarks. We carefully distill those insights into human-speak content that makes your customers sit up and pay attention.

Feels – People buy because they feel something – relief, confidence they’re about to impress their boss, aspirational excitement, etc. Creating content across a range of asset categories that sparks the right emotional response requires a level of skill that only rare talents cultivated over time can offer – our expert talent bench has that skill in spades.

Some of our Customized Content Marketing Solutions include:

  • Case studies
  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Infographics
  • Videos + animations
  • Illustrations
  • Webinars
  • Executive thought leadership
  • Quizzes
  • Calculators + planners
  • Digital assessments
  • Surveys
  • Product guides
  • Whitepapers
  • Press releases
  • eBooks
  • Localized content
Let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions
About Content Marketing Services

What types of content are effective for marketing purposes?

This is a trick question, because it suggests brands can land on universal content marketing truths instead of doing the more complex work of analyzing their brand’s unique context, competitor behavior, and the use cases preferred by each of their target audience segments.

Having dropped that critical lens in place, some of the most commonly used types of marketing content include blog posts, landing pages, infographics, videos, webinars, and social media posts tailored to your audience’s preferences.

How does content marketing differ from traditional advertising?

In the digital landscape, traditional advertising generally interrupts the user’s experience with the expectation that they’re equipped to make an engagement decision (acquisition or submitting a form, etc) immediately. However, this approach overlooks the significant portion of prospects who are not yet ready to engage in that way. Abandoning the needs of those prospects is abandoning revenue. Yikes.

There’s a time and place for paid media campaigns – we implement and optimize them every day. But they’re only a piece of the puzzle, never the full picture.

Content marketing, on the other hand, crafts a user-centric series of touchpoints aimed at cultivating trust and credibility through education, storytelling, and in some cases, entertainment.

How do I determine my target audience for content marketing?

Almost no brand has a single, homogenous target audience. While focusing on one might seem appealing, audience segmentation is where the biggest and most sustainable revenue gains are. 

Our consultant-partners consider a series of resources to determine your target segments, including:

  • Historical customer data
  • Competitor data
  • Primary and secondary data sources, such as demographics, psychographics, technographics, and geographic metrics
  • Behavioral data (online and offline behaviors like browsing habits, purchase history, interaction with your website or native app, content engagement, marketing campaign engagement, and customer journey touchpoints)
  • Marketplace trends, industry insights and relevant performance reports
  • Customer feedback and surveys (when available)
  • Website analytics and user journeys
How often should I publish content?

eCommerce brands with especially short sales cycles generally need to publish a higher volume of content than B2B brands. On some channels (social media, for example) users often expect daily content and on others (email, for example) distributing original content once or twice a week meets user expectations.

The key to determining your ideal content marketing cadence is understanding your audience’s preferences based on quantitative data vs anecdotal evidence.

And we’ve got to repeat this for the umpteenth time: Checking off the goal of publishing consistently is not it. Consistently publishing high-quality content that provides the most cohesive user experience is it.

What is the role of SEO in content marketing?

A significant aspect of organic search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is content optimization and the strategic development of net new content. And all content marketing efforts are generally made more visible by implementing SEO insights such as the optimization of targeted keywords, meta tags, and website structure.

To us, defining SEO and content marketing as two wholly separate things just doesn’t track – they need and thrive with each other.

How do I measure the success of my content marketing efforts?
  1. The first half of this answer is to ensure all your marketing data is connected, so that success measurements are based on a unified data analysis instead of data silos. Connected data requires implementing a Customer Data Platform.
  1. From there, rather than pointing you to simplistic metrics, our recommendation is to define primary, secondary, and tertiary KPIs for all marketing activity, including content marketing efforts. And any KPI-defining exercise should also include identifying leading and lagging indicators.

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