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Breaking apart your marketing mix and dividing the chunks between freelancers, agencies, and an in-house team = sunk costs and diluted results. Apiary gives you a centralized growth engine that runs on data and an all-seniors team.

And no more data or expertise silos. Your data-driven Media & Communications Strategy syncs with a Sales Integration Strategy, Nurture/Automation Architecture, and Creative & Content that delivers performance-focused communications.

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Quick overview

Audience segmentation is the process of dividing your overall audience into smaller groups based on shared characteristics. This supports the development of a more tailored digital marketing strategy for each audience segment, rather than presuming that all users value the same things equally. 

Things to consider

Using a combination of primary and secondary data sources, audience segments can be defined based on previous buying behavior, media usage, or even demographics like age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status. 

Precise audience segmentation increases efficiency by reaching a targeted audience for less budget and utilizes data to identify audiences with a higher propensity for conversion. In addition, the same data points that allow for segmentation also provide guideposts for content teams to tailor messaging to like-minded individuals so they convert faster than through a less tailored process.


  • Audience segmentation divides your audience into smaller groups based on common characteristics.
  • Once segmented, audiences can be targeted with tactics that cater to that individual segment, but not necessarily your entire audience
  • Segmentation is a strategic way to access untapped opportunities, but also good common sense because everything ain’t for everybody.
A preview of working with us!

Digital marketing case study: Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel came to Apiary to drive revenue by increasing web traffic through paid search and social.


Increase in online bookings


Increase in social traffic


Decrease in search cost per booking

“The team at Apiary is exceptionally professional, hit their deadlines, and have worked closely with the team at Intrepid to hit targets each month. We’re blown away by the results.”

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Let’s get started!