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Just be the expert. We’ll handle the rest.

Benefits of The Hive

You know that cycle of searching and pitching for work? And all the associated admin? Let us do that. We’ll find right-fit clients, offer you the project, and you get to say yay or nay. We want our digital consultant-partners to be genuinely invested in our client-partners’ success, which is why you’ll only work on projects you really want to be a part of.

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Remote from Day One

Who misses ol’ school office culture? Not us. We’ve been based in the cloud since Jan 2014, partly because sweatpants, but also because a location-independent collective is the best setup for designing life on your terms. Enjoy working 4 hours a day? We got you. Interested in 6 months on and traveling for the next 6? We got you, too.

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What to Expect with Apiary

What if someone said that you never again have to look for clients, create proposals and contracts, or chase payments? *coughing while we dust our shoulder off* It’s us. We’re that someone. Once you’re approved for your first project, you’ll sync with your Apiary team (usually two others) and off you go! And don’t worry – micromanaging is not in our DNA. We trust pros to be pros.

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Join Apiary

We believe in flexibility in practice, not just in name. We encourage consultant-partners to adjust your availability as needed. And we guarantee that you’ll never get a guilt trip for wanting to do more with your life than work. Apiary is an easier and kinder way to be an independent contractor.

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Why we’re a talent collective, not an agency:

You’ve been in the game for a while. Probably worked at an agency or three. So you’ve seen firsthand how dysfunctional that model is, which is why Apiary chose to be a collective of experienced independent contractors.

No layers of bureaucracy or ego tantrums to tiptoe around. No meetings that exist just to say we met. No assignments that you have to accept or risk losing your position. No more pulling the weight for juniors. And definitely no burnout because taking time off causes you to lose a project – we’ve got vacation coverage for that.

How to work with us

1. The application

Consultant-partners have an average of 12 years of experience, but if you have a minimum of 5 and know you’re an expert in your space, we want to meet you!

2. A few more steps…

Complete our simple “Apiary Approved” process (short skills test, chat with our Talent Director, then an SME) and you’re done.

3. Welcome to Apiary!

If we don’t have an opportunity right away, we’ll keep your name close and reach out when we do. New projects are always opening up.

Flexible schedule. Competitive hourly rates. Only the work you enjoy.

Apiary manages the sales pipeline for you, but that’s not all. We also cover liability, client invoicing, screening for hazard clients, data privacy and more. Full-service for our client-partners and full-service for you.

  • Career-growing projects with best-in-class peers, inside a flexible work model
  • Work anywhere as long as you can be responsive during at least four U.S. business hours per day
  • Lean on the Hive for coverage when you want to be offline – a rarity in the freelance world
Data don’t lie!

A home for exceptional talent


Our Net Promoter Score.
Above 50 is considered excellent.


% of consultant-partners who agree that Apiary leadership prioritizes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


% of consultant-partners who agree that “I feel I belong at Apiary”

Hear what a few consultant-partners have to say…

We take the satisfaction of our consultant-partners very seriously.

“I met Apiary as a client and then became a Hive member. I was drawn in by the expertise, communication flow, organizational skills, but the warmth of the people stood out most.”

Ceilidh MacLeod

“My favorite thing about being part of the Hive is definitely the people – experts with a heart of gold. Plus, this model allows me to do work I love but also enjoy quality time with my kids.”

Cathy Downs

“When I want to take time off, Apiary provides another expert to fill in until I’m back – that’s an unheard of luxury in the freelance world.”

Miguel Bravo

“It can be stressful dealing with contracts, client invoices, and tracking payments. Handing all that over to the Apiary team is worth its weight in gold.”

Lizzy Meagher

“Interesting mix of projects. I’m never micromanaged. Freedom to adjust my availability without getting a guilt trip. Best work experience of my 12-year career.”

Annika Martins
Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!