Consultant-Partner Case Study:

Lizzy Meagher

14 years of experience

Treating people well

“Been with Apiary for 5 years and had two kids in that time. The Hive supports me equally with client objectives and when I want to focus on my family.” 

Managing admin

“It can be stressful dealing with contracts, client invoices, and tracking payments. Handing all that over to Apiary is worth its weight in gold.”

Remote but close-knit

“I didn’t think the camaraderie of an office of peers could be replicated remotely, but here we are! We actually care and root for each other.”

Lizzy Meagher

SME: Paid Search, PPC, Shopping

“When I joined Apiary, I was burnt out on the agency life of 60-hour weeks. I was relieved to leave behind many of the agency norms – countless meetings that could be emails, exhausting reviews of your work up the chain of command, killing trees with the number of copies of reports, five people doing the job of one, unhealthy competition, and the office commute.

All those things resulted in hours and hours lost. Apiary is a refreshing alternative to traditional agencies. Here, I’m efficient, productive, proud, and happy.

Client meetings tend to be stress-free and friendly with lots of laughs, because I know that I’m doing my absolute best to grow their business and/or make them look good to their boss. But it couldn’t be that way without Apiary leadership setting that tone from the first client conversation. It starts at the top and filters down.”

“Apiary takes into consideration every part of a consultant’s life to make the collective work for you, not the other way around.”

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!