Email Marketing

Every so often, someone says email is dead. How cute. They’re not looking at the data, which clearly says that the ROI potential of email marketing is arguably the highest of all growth marketing channels.

But the email tactics of a decade ago won’t cut it anymore. Nuanced email segmentation, complex user journeys, advanced targeting and personalization are now table stakes, along with a mitigation strategy for rapidly changing data privacy policies. And for some brands, mapping an email marketing strategy without an integrated SMS marketing strategy is a reliable way of stomping your ROAS.

Apiary’s all-seniors teams are experienced in providing B2C and B2B brands with full circle email marketing strategy development, email copywriting and email campaign management. And because we’re Apiary, we begin with data, keep our eyes glued to it at each stage, and only implement optimizations based on… Say it with us… Data.

Convert ready-to-buy customers and nurture long-term loyalty.

Will email be your new favorite growth strategy? With us, heck yes. Email marketing lets you sidestep the high costs and algorithm constraints of other paid channels by meeting customers in a place that doesn’t have 27 dancing cat videos distracting them: their inbox. Apiary brings our metrics-driven philosophy to the management of end-to-end email marketing initiatives, in order to achieve KPIs like:

  • Boost revenue per email
  • Improve retention rate
  • Grow subscriber base

Pick any CRM. We’re pros in all of them.

On the B2B side, some of the more popular email marketing tools are Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot, and Iterable. Many of our eCommerce client-partners prefer Klaviyo or Mailchimp. 

We’ll recommend the right email tools for your business, and then collaborate closely with your internal team on product launches, automated drip campaigns, and newsletters to drive brand loyalty and engagement.

And if you’ve been blocked by problems like list hygiene or deliverability, our specialists can solve those, too.

Email is not dead. Comprehensive email programs drive bottom line growth for every kind of business. Yes, even yours.

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!