Digital Consulting Services and Growth Marketing Solutions

Performance and growth marketing KPI icon.

Every performance decision should map to measurable objectives and KPIs. If the line connecting them is wobbly, it’s the wrong move.

Icon for unified data signals for data-driven marketing strategies

Analyzing a handful of data streams is not data-driven marketing. Brands must acquire and unify ALL relevant data signals to make strategic choices.

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The most cost-effective performance path leverages growth marketing professionals who are also hands-on-keyboard technical specialists.

Digital Consulting Services

Our full-service consultancy covers everything from your data-driven strategy to implementation.

Paid Media

Maximizing paid media ROI is more nuanced than staring at ROAS. Our experts use data-driven insights to target aligned audience segments and optimize campaigns daily (not once a month!).

Email Marketing

Every so often, someone says email is dead. How cute. Using highly personalized segments and messaging variants, our email pros deliver substantial increases in engagement and conversion rates.


Organic growth is a non-negotiable if you want to outcompete. Our SEO services include fine-tooth audits, competitor analysis, and keyword research to capitalize on your biggest opportunities.

Analytics + Reporting Services

Most brands don’t track enough. Others are relying on flawed data. Our team will fix broken connections, customize your analytics dashboard, and provide human-speak reports to drive continuous improvements.

Inclusive Marketing

Growth marketing is inclusive marketing – the data is clear. We drive inclusive campaigns that leverage untapped opportunities to expand your brand’s footprint. (We also believe it’s the right thing.)

B2B Marketing

Whether your target is SMBs, mid market or enterprise clients, we have extensive experience in tailoring multi-touch B2B lead generation and conversion strategies to lift your most important KPIs.

eCommerce Marketing

Undaunted by the tiniest of sales cycles, our eCommerce strategists curate optimization strategies and targeted promotions with the highest levels of personalization to boost conversion, ATV, and LTV.

Go to Tableau case study

Client-Partner Case Study

Tableau was losing efficiency juggling multiple agency relationships. They turned to Apiary as a stop-gap extension of their team while transitioning to in-house resources. Hear more about our partnership.

Our Approach to Growth Marketing

Unmatched martech strategies + implementations

Apiary is a hive of highly experienced marketing technologists – consultant-partners have an average of 12 years’ experience. Our seasoned expertise allows client-partners to:

  • Partner with savvy professionals who offer a comprehensive understanding of growth marketing.
  • Modernize your martech stack with the most innovative performance tools.
  • Trust that every strategy and tactic is aligned to one goal: sustainable business growth.

Key Features of Our Consulting Services

Generic blueprints are out. Customized digital strategies are in.

Breaking apart your marketing mix and dividing the chunks between freelancers, agencies, and an in-house team = sunk costs and diluted results. 
The better alternative? Let our digital marketing experts become your very own centralized marketing growth engine.

Power users of all best-in-class martech platforms and tools

Proactive, problem-solving culture that pivots fast

Scalable model lets you flex resources up/down as needed.

Industries We Serve

Agile since 2015, our success record spans dozens of industries.

Tech industry


eCommerce industry


Retail industry


Legal industry


Hospitality industry


Apiary Digital Process and Methodology for Digital Consulting Services

Our Process + Methodology

Every strategy is customized for each client-partner’s unique context and constraints.

  1. First, we listen! Clarify goals and pain points.
  2. Analyze competitive landscape.
  3. Define audiences and buyer personas.
  4. Verify (likely, increase) data tracking signals.
  5. Develop multi-layered channel strategy.
  6. Benchmark performance before activation.
  7. Develop. Build. Implement.
  8. Analyze and monitor performance.
  9. Optimize and refine to infinity and beyond.

Benefits of Engaging with Apiary Digital vs Other Growth Experts

Let’s talk!

Frequently Asked Questions
About Digital Consulting Services

What are digital consulting services?

Digital consulting services give brands access to highly qualified, digital marketing professionals without expanding their full-time employee base.

This process typically includes strategic planning, revitalizing the marketing technology stack, and implementing a range of performance optimizations.

What is the difference between a consultant and a digital consultant?

A consultant is anyone offering specialized advice in a field they have extensive knowledge of. Digital consultants specialize in digital technologies and strategies.

Some digital consultants solely provide advice, whereas others offer both recommendations and implementation support. Areas of focus for most digital consultants include online marketing, technology adoption, and how to leverage digital tools for growth and efficiency.

What does a digital strategy consultant do?

A digital strategy consultant analyzes a brand’s digital footprint, analyzes the brand’s current activities in the context of its goals, and devises a strategic plan to enhance online performance.

Digital strategy consultants identify market opportunities, optimize marketing channels, implement the associated technological solutions, and guide the organization through digital transformation processes.

What are growth marketing agencies?

Growth marketing agencies are collections of marketing professionals who specialize in generating significant performance improvements through data-driven marketing strategies.

Growth marketing services provide a holistic, multi-channel approach with the goal of increasing the acquisition and retention of customers.

What is growth marketing vs marketing?

Growth marketing is characterized by a strong emphasis on experimentation and an iterative approach to scalable business growth. It prioritizes using data-driven strategies to drive customer acquisition and retention.

In contrast, conventional marketing tends to engage in a broad set of promotional activities (paid media, PR, social media marketing, etc) with less immediate focus on measurable growth metrics.

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