Marketing Analytics

and Reporting

Data to Strategy to Implementation. On repeat.

We respect our business instincts and those of our client-partners, but numbers are our north star. That’s why all Apiary implementation is paired with robust performance measurement and analysis, plus a readiness for quick, data-driven pivots to maximize ROI. Your dashboards will never collect dust with us. Data review is a daily habit.

Many conventional agencies reserve marketing analytics for the end of a campaign and then take weeks or months to revise tactics based on those learnings. Our nimble structure and work ethic shortcuts the timeline from implementation to optimization strategies and back to implementation. We don’t rush good, thoughtful work. But we also don’t drag it out. 

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Quick overview

Mountains of data aren’t necessarily a strategic resource. But when that material is repackaged into cohesive visuals that organize all your data sets inside one central hub, substantiated business decisions can be made much faster and with greater confidence. Validated, real-time marketing dashboards demystify those miles of data so that you’re making decisions that truly maximize ROI.

Things to consider

Deploying a Google Analytics dashboard is not the end of the process. Our expert analysts regularly inspect your integrations to ensure data remains stable and dependable. When new consultant-partners join, they get their own “NEVER set it and forget it” tattoo.

The seamless API connections available in Google Data Studio — or any other data visualization software you choose — give us a buffet of customization options, based on the platform connections you most need to monitor. Integrations can include paid media/PPC dashboards, eCommerce dashboards, email marketing dashboards, content marketing dashboards, and more.


  • Data alone doesn’t deliver a competitive edge – insights that demystify data do.
  • The best performance dashboards are customized based on your marketing objectives.
  • In order to achieve sustained performance improvements, quarter after quarter, end-to-end visibility across your entire digital footprint is a must. 
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Digital marketing case study: Morphe

This cosmetics market leader partnered with Apiary to boost overall organic traffic and create more consistency in traffic volume.


Improvement in first-page rankings within 4 months


MoM improvement  in organic revenue

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Let’s get started!