Consultant-Partner Case Study:

Miguel Bravo

15 years of experience


“I first wanted the flexibility to travel the globe without skipping a beat on client work. Now it’s about spending time with my daughter.”

Full pipeline

“The biggest consulting pain point is a dry referral pipeline. Apiary takes that pressure off so I can focus on what I’m good at.”

Professional growth

“I get to work on high level projects across multiple industries with other top digital marketers. Keeps my skills sharp & expanding.”

Miguel Bravo

SME: Paid Social

“Apiary checked all my boxes: fully remote so I could continue traveling, flexible hours so I can make room for other projects/side hustles, and the ability to expand my knowledge by working on challenging projects. Half a decade later, Apiary still checks those boxes for me. 

The collective has helped me to grow my expertise. As a solo freelancer, you tend to not interact much with other digital marketers so you can get stuck in your ways. Blogs and courses can be great, but there’s nothing like bouncing ideas off another pro. Objectively, I’m a much better marketer today than I was when I joined six years ago.

Apiary truly supports you and the projects you’re working on. You’re never stuck doing things you’re not good at. All accounts have channel specialists (like me), a dedicated client strategist, and in many cases, an analytics pro.” 

“When I want to take time off, Apiary provides another expert to fill in until I’m back – that’s an unheard of luxury in the freelance world.”

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!