Our website rebrand is live!

Blog / by Annika Martins

What’s changed on ApiaryDigital.com?

Uhh, everything. You’re getting a brand new experience from top to bottom. 

Rebranding isn’t just about sleek UX. It’s about deeply assessing who you are, what you stand for, and how you talk about yourself. Plus SEO and content strategy, obvi. 

We’re still us – we’ve just become more thoughtful about how we communicate who “us” is. Come check it out! Spots you might want to jump to:


Who doesn’t love a good homepage? Start at the start and mosey around from there.

The Apiary Story

Our founder, Karen Amundson, created us as a new category – the talent collective.


Our full services model goes from strategy to implementation and back again, on repeat.


If you’re an expert digital marketer with at least 5 years’ experience, we’d love to meet you!

Case Studies

See what over a dozen client-partners and consultant-partners have to say about what us.

Let’s connect!

Does our rebrand have you thinking about your own web presence? See a service or consultant-partner opening that you’d like to chat about? Please reach out.