Use Media Mix Modeling to Optimize the Impact of Your Brand Awareness Initiatives

Struggling to calculate the impact of brand awareness on your marketing? Trying to determine the marketing mix that will produce the most efficiency?

Research shows the impact of brand awareness on conversion increases Paid Search and Paid Social effectiveness by ~20%, and other digital channels by >10%. That’s why leaders in every category spend more that 50% of their budget on awareness and only 15% on conversion.

To see the impact on your marketing mix, fill out our ROI calculator below with the known metrics from your current marketing. Remember, digital marketing is really just #8thGradeAlgebra. If you fill in enough data, you solve the equation!

Step 1 – Complete the yellow fields ONLY.

Step 2 – Adjust the awareness spend and channel allocations to see how your funnel could be optimized.

Step 3 – See the impact your brand awareness efforts will deliver!

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