We’re hiring our first non-founder CEO!

Blog / by Karen Amundson

As the Founder/CEO, I have a big vision for the future of Apiary Digital. One which challenges us to grow beyond me. After 5 years of significant growth, riding out the challenges of 2020, and continuing to thrive, now is the time to expand upon our solid foundation and take Apiary to the next level: We’re recruiting a new CEO! 

Positioning Apiary for the future

We’re looking for a CEO who can accelerate our process toward leveling up our capabilities and future-proofing our stance as the ideal client partner, including:

  • Positioning. What we do is curate teams of experienced independent consultants that deliver exceptional performance marketing growth for clients. With our Collective model, we’re also in the business of “the future of work.” There’s a great opportunity for Apiary to create and define a new, high-growth emerging category of how brands engage talent, reaching beyond the legacy paradigms of how clients currently buy “agencies.”
  • Brand. Apiary is significantly more than what meets the eye—we solve a real problem in the marketplace that’s not yet well-articulated. It’s time to level-up our brand style to match the substance behind it. 
  • Inclusivity. With 48% of Gen Z coming from communities of color, the future of marketing is inclusive marketing—and not just in the form of niche multicultural marketing campaigns. We’re looking for a CEO excited about the opportunity to build DE&I and inclusive marketing practices into our standard operating procedures. 
  •  D2C ecommerce & B2B tech. We understand what makes a great client fit and where we can drive the strongest performance. Our next leader will deepen our capabilities and customize our offerings to be further entrenched in these two vertical ecosystems. 

What will my new role look like?

The new CEO will be managing the business end-to-end, deploying me, the founder as a heavy hitter to hone in on key areas of our business strategy. I will ensure overall success of the business in accordance with our vision, values, and quality standards; support CEO success; provide financial oversight; and most importantly, continue to engage in meaningful relationships with Apiary stakeholders.

We would love your CEO candidate referrals!

To help us select the just right candidate, we welcome your feedback. If you, or someone you know might make a great CEO candidate, please share the job description and make an intro to our executive recruiter, Helene DeVries, with a CC to [email protected].

I’ve never had a co-founder or partner and can’t wait to show the world what Apiary can accomplish with new leadership!