Case Study:

Jake Chak

13 years of experience

Lean work culture

“I joined the Hive because I was tired of arbitrary goals, corporate red tape, and never truly feeling responsible or proud of my work – Apiary alleviated all of that.”

Trust is everything

“The leadership team and fellow consultants have quickly become people I trust. Every contract and promise has been made good on.”

Respect & appreciation

“Having my work speak for itself is becoming more of my ‘why.’ If you’re joining Apiary, be prepared to do the work but also be prepared to get credit for it!”

Jake Chak

SME: Paid Search, Paid Social, PPC, Shopping

“Average agencies have sales teams, project managers, C-Suite massage specialists, etc. With the Apiary Collective, everyone in the organization possesses these skills. Some clients have been astonished when I pull up a dashboard and do work in real-time. We’re not just marketing thinkers – we’re highly experienced marketing practitioners.

I’m very appreciative of Apiary and how it functions. Being part of this Hive has been infinitely more formative and meaningful than anything I’ve done because some shareholders said so.”

“At the end of the day, work is work so you might as well be free to choose what that work looks like and whom you do it with, and maximize career growth in the process.”

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!