Digital Marketing Audit

Identify opportunities for improving marketing performance.

Audit & Roadmap use cases

  • You’re frustrated because results are lagging and opportunities are being missed
  • You know more could be done with digital engagement
  • You’re unsure how to drive more growth


  • A no-nonsense, comprehensive audit identifying opportunities for improving performance in a specific marketing channel
  • Learn how your program scores against our average client
  • Fresh ideas for achieving the growth potential you know is there but haven’t been able to reach
  • Peace of mind there’s a clear path to investing your marketing dollars more wisely

Audit & Roadmap Success Story

  • Challenge

    A large ecommerce brand in a highly competitive space was having trouble acquiring new customers within their non-brand paid search program. The cost-per-sale (CPS) was extremely high & the program wasn’t profitable.

  • Solution

    Apiary conducted an audit and developed a roadmap. Ultimately, the client hired us to implement the findings, which included a blend of quick-wins and a larger campaign restructure.

  • Result

    Non-brand CPS improved from $297 to $67 in only 4 months!

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