How to Give a Great Talk at an Industry Conference: Part 2 of a Discussion with Michelle Robbins of Third Door Media

In Part 2 of our conversation with Michelle Robbins of Third Door Media, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how her team plans for industry conferences such as SMX West and MarTech Today. Learn how Third Door Media approaches presenting interesting and cutting-edge thought leadership on marketing through conferences. Michelle, an experienced speaker and moderator, shares insights into what makes a great talk for listeners interested in being a speaker at an industry conference.

Learn more on how to speak at an SMX event:

Learn more about how to speak at a MarTech event:

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Conferences & Content, Working with Remote Teams: Part 1 of a Discussion with Michelle Robbins

In Part 1 of our interview with Senior Vice President of Third Door Media, Michelle Robbins, we hear her insights on the challenges and best practices of working with remote teams, based on her experience using this model. We also discuss how Michelle and her team approach industry conferences and the holistic relationship between conferences and editorial content. Michelle serves as Editor-in-Chief across digital properties Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, and MarTech, working with remote team members to create cohesive content. Michelle discusses how her team manages communication and collaboration while working remotely. Take a listen to Apiary Founder, Karen Amudnson, and host, Tess Barry, in conversation with Michelle Robbins.

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Cambridge Analytica: What It Means for Facebook Advertisers

The press has been covering the developing story of consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica using the Facebook data of 50 million users to build psychographic profiles and target potential voters with content aimed at influencing elections. In this episode, we speak with Apiary Founder and CEO Karen Amundson, and Apiary lead analytics consultant Rachel Factor to discuss how this news relates to, and impacts brand advertising on platforms. We discuss how Cambridge Analytica gained access to data, and how users are responding. Looking at the long-term effects of this flashpoint in digital advertising, we discuss the reactions of users and the call for data transparency. Listen in to learn how marketers can work with brands and platforms to emphasize data transparency and user privacy while still driving business goals.

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The Hive Is Alive @ SMX Part 1

Apiary Digital Founder and CEO Karen Amundson spoke at SMX West 2018, held in San Jose and hosted by Search Engine Land. Karen’s talk addressed the topic, “Man + Machine: The Exploding Brave New Universe For Today’s Online Marketers.” In preparation, Karen met with industry leaders Ben Bauermeister and Ty Martin to discuss the future of marketing in a world with increasing automation. In this episode, we’ll hear them discuss how new technologies impact marketers, including how AI will intertwine with our day-to-day work tasks, and how it can go wrong. Apiary consultant Connor Witt also attended the summit to ask fellow SMX attendees specific questions about bots and AI. Take a listen!

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Intelligent Tracking Prevention with Rachel Factor

Rachel Factor of Apiary Digital joins us this episode to discuss Intelligent Tracking Prevention. Rachel has several years of both analytics and marketing experience, and will give us some insight into how Safari’s new Intelligent Tracking Prevention impacts marketing efforts. Learn more about how Intelligent Tracking Prevention works, who is affected, and how your brand can adapt to the growing trend of Internet security.

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Facebook Messenger Ads with Alyssa Allen

On Episode 2, Tess Barry speaks with Alyssa Allen, Apiary consultant and paid social expert. Learn about Facebook’s Messenger ad unit offerings, including where Messenger Ads appear, how to target the ads, and how advertisers are using Messenger Ads to reach customers. Hear more about Facebook Messenger Ads to help decide if it’s worthwhile to test for your brand or your client’s brand.

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