Case Study:

Andrea Rodriguez

8 years of experience

Cure for burnout

“After years in agencies, I was exhausted. The Apiary model was a breath of fresh air. I value balance, so connecting with like-minded people was refreshing.”

Premium access

“It’s often challenging for sole proprietors like me to secure larger clients. Apiary connects me with premium brands and projects that keep my skills sharp.”


“Apiary gives consultant-partners an unusually high degree of flexibility and support. Seeing that support go even further when I became a mom means a lot.”

Drea Rodriguez

SME: Search Engine Optimization

“Apiary will be an almost shocking surprise to any consultant who feels undervalued and overworked in a typical agency job and thinks that’s ‘normal.’ They match you with projects that align with your interests and expertise because they actually want you to enjoy the work – liberating, right?

Apiary has shown me that it IS possible to enjoy the work that you do, collaborate with supportive colleagues, and maintain a healthy work-life balance

I’ve recommended Apiary to about 5-10 colleagues already and will keep doing so.”

“I value balance, so joining the Apiary Hive was a no-brainer.”

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!