Remote Consulting Positions

We offer challenging, lifestyle-friendly work for digital marketing consultants.

Team up with other highly trained independent digital marketing professionals to tackle challenging career-growing projects with a work model that enables a flexible lifestyle.

  • Work anywhere where you can be responsive during at least 4 U.S. business hours per day
  • Keep your knowledge sharp, working as part of a team with other experienced consultants
  • We take care of the non-billable sales and admin tasks so you can focus on the actual work
  • Lean on the Collective: Get vacation coverage, leverage us as an escalation point when needed
  • Leverage your professional skills to help clients while living your story
  • Support interesting clients and bigger projects than can’t be tackled as an individual freelancer
  • Manage the feast or famine cycle: While you’re working projects, we’re out finding new ones
  • Receive referral bonuses when you refer in clients that sign on

We’re living our stories as exceptional marketers while being:

  • Parents
  • Travelers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Athletes
  • Artists
  • And more!

Hear what our Founder & CEO has to say about our consultants and our experience across the Apiary Collective.

Why we love working through the Collective

I absolutely love doing work through the Apiary Collective! I can stay at home with my young children while keeping my 20-year career going and helping clients achieve their business goals--all while working with some really awesome people. It's win-win.

Holly Hilton
Senior Content Consultant

Joining the Apiary Collective has been a truly great experience for me. It enabled me to return to school and pursue a career in art direction while still applying my expertise in digital marketing on the side.

Connor Witt
Digital Marketing Consultant

I love being part of the Apiary team! It has allowed me to never miss an important moment raising my 3 young kids while still providing for my family and achieving my own continued professional growth.

Morgan Mischler
Talent Director

I wanted to pursue a career in cooking but also wanted to keep my digital marketing skills sharp. With a flexible schedule, I was able to work on Apiary projects in the morning before heading to work at the restaurant in the evening. Overall, Apiary enabled me to fully immerse myself in my new career in food without having to worry too much about breaking the bank.

Josh Chang
SEM & Paid Social Consultant

Apiary has allowed me to travel to over half of the US National Parks and work a summer in Budapest, all without skipping a beat on client work. And when I want to go completely offline, Apiary provides another paid social expert to fill in when I'm out that's a luxury in the freelance world.

Miguel Bravo
Social Media & Content Consultant

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