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Preview Podcast Episode | The Hive Is Alive

Welcome to The Hive Is Alive, a podcast from the marketing collective, Apiary Digital®. Listen to our preview episode to get a sneak peek at what we will be discussing. The podcast will highlight the history, current state, and potential future of digital marketing through statistics and storytelling.

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From Apiary Digital® media collective, a collective of experienced, independent marketing professionals welcome to The Hive Is Alive, a digital marketing podcast. I’m your host, Tess Barry.

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The mission of this podcast is to help make sense of the evolving innovations in digital marketing and advertising for your brand and clients as digital marketers, wearable scientists and test subjects when it comes to measuring effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Reading up on latest trends is important, but there’s nothing like hands on experience, hearing real life success stories to help answer questions and develop your own strategies. We will talk with consultants, clients and other experts in the digital marketing space to hear their stories on the impact of new trends and get a glimpse into the future of digital marketing. Here’s a preview of our first episode discussing Amazon marketing services, I, think that brands are seeing higher returns by advertising. I think it just really comes out of that that it’s just working for brands and they’re making money and pushing more product yeah and that’s a pretty compelling reason, I I think when I look at you know the MS platform. One thing that stands out to me relative to previous ad platforms that came out you look at something like when Google shopping came out, that used to be in a organic search. You know product listing and you don’t even have to pay per click and now we’re we’re in this much more competitive landscape. Where not only is this a a paper click play, but you know then you have to consider. Well, then, advertisers are also then once prince one makes a purchase there.

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Paying a small fee to Amazon as well so they’re getting that kind of up front, paperclip cost and then the back and cost. When someone makes a purchase from Amazon site.

Tess Barry: 00:01:45 – 00:02:32
Well, the method of delivery in the way, as looking sound may change, the goal of drawing attention to brand messaging remains the same. It is a very digital. We are dedicated to partnering, with brands to strategize on the right audience platform and brand story to connect with customers.

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Please feel free to follow up with your thoughts or questions by emailing us at podcast, if you’re, a digital dot com follow into it as a purely digital and subscribe to our show. The Hive Is Alive is produced by Apiary Digital® media collective. Editing help from Holly Hilton, produced by Karnika Haridoss and Karen Amundson.