Happy 7th Apiaryversary!

/ by Karen Amundson

Dearest Apiary consultants, client-partners, supporters, friends, and our extended Hive Family: Happy 7th Apiaryversary!

This past year has given us the opportunity to show an appreciative reflection and humble thankfulness to all of you who have supported Apiary and made it possible for us to achieve this milestone. 

Our Apiaryversary isn’t just a celebration of success; it’s a celebration of the memories we’ve created, relationships we’ve built with our partners, and the communities we serve. 

Our Founder, Karen Amundson, started the collective with a mission to drive extraordinary business performance by enabling exceptional performers to live their stories.

Even with a deep belief in the company’s vision, this accomplishment would have never come to life without your support.

Staying true to this mission has attracted the most incredible talent, that as a result, drives stellar performance and strong relationships with our clients. We are proud to deliver results at the same time, enabling stories as parents, entrepreneurs, artists, farmers, students, comedians, coaches, chefs, world travelers – creating a stage for us all to be better humans.

After all, we believe that humans are greater than business. That is what continues to make us so unique – it’s not what we do –  it’s how and why we do it. 

With this Apiaryversary, we also celebrate my first full year as CEO. And as we look to the future, there is amazing excitement in our multi-channel approach, evolving client bench, and exponential growth of our consultant Hive. We remain change agents, and we remain excited by the evolution of growth marketing.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, we are honored to be able to celebrate your unique superpowers. Here’s to many more years of cheering one another on.

With gratitude and excitement, 

~ Tee