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Facebook Messenger Ads with Alyssa Allen

On Episode 2, Tess Barry speaks with Alyssa Allen, Apiary consultant and paid social expert. Learn about Facebook’s Messenger ad unit offerings, including where Messenger Ads appear, how to target the ads, and how advertisers are using Messenger Ads to reach customers. Hear more about Facebook Messenger Ads to help decide if it’s worthwhile to test for your brand or your client’s brand.

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Tess Barry: 00:00:03 – 00:00:24
Welcome to The Hive Is Alive, a digital marketing podcast from Apiary Digital®. I’m your host, Tess Barry. On this episode we will be talking with Alyssa Allen to discuss Messenger Ads. This is part one of the series and upcoming episodes will talk more about Chatbot functionality for marketing in the shift in how brands can communicate with consumers.

Tess Barry & Alyssa Allen: 00:00:26 – 00:01:02
Hello hi: we are on the phone with Alyssa Allen from Apiary Digital® media Collective. Hello, Alyssa, eight tests either going pretty well Alyssa is one of our Apiary Digital® consultants, who has quite a bit of experience, especially in digital marketing, especially in social. You’ve been client side, you’ve been platform side. You know a bit about what’s going on and what’s been around. Thanks al yeah I mean that’s the idea. Let’s hope I can live up to my name.

Tess Barry: 00:01:03 – 00:01:32
Okay, great so and stays up to so we’re going to be discussing Facebook messenger ads, which are pretty new. A relatively so I’ve been hearing the word messenger ads mentioned and I’ve seen some messenger ads in my app but I don’t really know much about them yet so, just kind of starting at a high level. What is the draw for using Facebook messenger to serve ads? Why? Why should I be putting my ads there.

Alyssa Allen: 00:01:34 – 00:02:35
As far as the drive like appeal of using you know, Facebook Messenger as a platform to buy ad space, I think you know the numbers are there and people are using it. I think initially people were pretty upset about being forced to use this new messaging app. I know I was personally sort of against it, because I didn’t want another mobile app on my phone. People started using it. Facebook just released this 2017 sort of state of Messenger and date really some pretty compelling numbers at the stated that one point three billion are using messenger every month, there’s like seven billion stations daily, yeah So definitely the people are there and the users are there. So I think that is in itself a good reason to go out, and you know utilize that space and make sure that you’re you’re reaching people that are actually using the messenger app absolutely so that would mean that Facebook messenger app is one of the most used. Apps, where the largest audiences on mobile.

Tess Barry: 00:02:36 – 00:03:16
So that seems pretty pretty compelling case yeah, you gotta, be where the people are absolutely so. Let’s talk about the primary ad placement through Facebook messenger, app so it this is the one that that shows up within the home screen. Could you just tell us a bit about what that looks like a and where does it go to where we sending **** consumers. Yeah, yes, so when you essentially launch your messenger app on your mobile device, you are then brought to your home screen, which has your you know, most recent conversations, and then sort of the people that you chat with the most.

Tess Barry: 00:03:17 – 00:04:35
It lists you know a story if they’ve posted a story, things because really trying that to get users to post a story is similar to an Instagram Story or a Snapchat. So that is all housed right there and you’re on your home screen, so that Adnan there mean ad unit that lives on the home screen and looks just like an absolute in your news feed on your mobile device. So it’s usually about four or three conversations down. So that it’s essentially still visible on your home screen, Adam yeah, it just lives within the home page lives within your tax and that ad can actually go to our website. So if you’re an advertiser- and you want to send people to your site- you can do it. Click to website ad, so that I will just click open within a browser in the messenger app so that the user isn’t necessarily leaving the app experience there. Just opening a browser window within the act or you can also actually start a conversation from some of these ads. So if I, you know, for example, a user had messaged your Facebook business page before or has engaged with you in a messaging environments at you. Can then re target them and start a conversation with them within the messenger app? So there’s a couple options and couple of places that this ad can can drive to.

Tess Barry: 00:04:36 – 00:05:21
Wow, so that seems like a potentially pretty big deal. To start pushing ads towards one to one messages with users. It’s awesome, it’s great opportunity, I, think to for use your Chatbot use down the line right so focusing on on the first place when you spoke about, and it just. I have one that looks similar to the news feed that drives through a website, so this is not very different from what a lot of brands are already doing on just the regular Facebook, app or desktop in terms of targeting. Is there a difference and targeting or cost, or is this just a new place to to start putting the ads.

Alyssa Allen: 00:05:22 – 00:06:06
Yes, great question. So not a huge difference actually in targeting. So essentially this reading and a Messenger Ad placement is as simple as sort of selecting messenger as a placement when you’re building a Facebook campaign, so the targeting You know it’s very similar and almost exact you what you would target on Facebook.com or even Instagram- and you know it has all this the same targeting capabilities so interest targeting custom audience targeting all of the targeting capabilities that you’re already using on your other Facebook ad campaigns or Instagram campaigns, so in that sense very easy to set up. They make it quite easy. It’s not like you have to go to a completely different.

Alyssa Allen: 00:06:07 – 00:06:42
You know site that you would set up your campaign, it’s just as easy as checking a box that you want your ads to run on messenger home. Just like you would check the box to run on Instagram or check the box to run on Facebook audience network. So they make it quite easy. As far as targeting again, you know all of the same capabilities that Facebook offers with and all the other platforms. The one thing here just to know is that you know messenger is mobile only so the reach maybe a little bit lower just because it is mobile. Only so you don’t have that desktop version.

Tess Barry: 00:06:42 – 00:07:06
I bet and that you want to just remember that not everyone has messenger installed, so your reach numbers are going to be a little bit slightly lower than what they would be on, like Facebook dot com. But again the numbers are only growing so I don’t expect that to be a huge problem for advertisers moving forward interesting makes sense for the fifth year in a row. It is the year of mobile, so yeah.

Alyssa Allen: 00:07:07 – 00:07:38
The audience is still at large, going to be like twenty thirty and it’s going to be the your full salute. Lee so that’s great to hear in terms of if I’m a marketer and you want to bring to my clients some opportunities for quick, wins But what do you think specifically, where, in the final D. is ad placements, that show up in the chat feed we’re in an a on? The final? Is that best to serve like where what consumers my talking to at that point.

Tess Barry
00:07:39 – 00:07:41
Yes, these ads.

Tess Barry
00:07:42 – 00:09:38
Similarly, to you know, Facebook news feed ads at fit pretty much anywhere in the final, and you know, messenger home ads can be used in various stages. They can be used for brand awareness. So simply you know introducing users who are in your target market. Your brand- and you know you may not want them to take a specific action, but you may want them to be able to recall your brand or you know, remember an image. So, in that sense, it’s great for brand awareness, especially if these guys and these users are opening their app. You know sometimes like three times a day to to talk to people, so just that brand awareness, I, think, would be great as far as high final stuff goes: R. hyphen, all marketing great for consideration, so the middle of the final. You know engaging and enticing users who are in your target market I, had to click and eventually visit your brand site. So you know opening that browser within messenger and getting those users to your site, as he can later. Then. Retarget them is huge and a great when a way to use consideration and in the final and get messenger to and help get those users your site and then. Lastly, for bottom of the funnel and more direct response, I’m getting re engagement for purchase, you know you can actually leverage just like ad targeting audience that you went on Facebook. So, for example, if you use custom audiences which are essentially you know, customer lists that you already have uploaded in Facebook, which which is either email, lasts, or current customers or churned customers. You can use those target lists and segments in your messenger ads as well. So if you’re trying to re engaging user or an old customer you know in a conversation, perhaps in messenger or you’re, trying to offer them a special promotion. You can use messenger as a placement to sort of help, convert them eventually, wow great. So it sounds like it’s a pretty open field. That was a lot of.

Tess Barry
00:09:38 – 00:09:42
Consumers so. Something that a lot of people would probably be interested to start running.

Alyssa Allen
00:09:43 – 00:10:18
yeah, absolutely I, think it’s! You know it’s still fairly new at you know so like as far as benchmarks and cost hers. I think the jury is still out on how successful the placement will be but for some of the clients that we’ve run it for ad, that does click through rate and the cost per link. Click is is very similar to what we see within, like a mobile news, feed ads, so I think the results are going to be promising again, it’s it’s still really new, so I think we just need to get more advertisers to test it and see what happens. Absolutely well now, so this is for information. I feel like I’m a little bit ahead of the game. Now.

Tess Barry
00:10:20 – 00:10:57
So we’ve been focusing in this conversation on the ad that serves in the home tab and can drive to chatter, can drive to a website. and listeners may have noticed that this part of the episode is is called part one So listen if you’re up for joining us again in part two. We will focus on Facebook, messenger, ads and discussion more about chat, bots and how. Ads can serve within messages, and we can talk begin talking directly to customers if you’re, if you’re available again to join us.

Alyssa Allen
00:10:58 – 00:11:03
Yes, I would love it. Okay, great well, thank you Alyssa, and we will talk to you again soon.

Tess Barry
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Thank you.

Alyssa Allen
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Thank you for joining us. Please feel free to follow up with your thoughts or questions by emailing us at podcast, at digital dot, com th following two doesn’t eat very digital and subscribe to our show. The higher the lives produced. Digital media, collective editing, help from Holly hill. Respect for you give hair dos test very.

Tess Barry
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And we will see you around the water cooler.