Apiary founder launches new podcast!

/ by Tee Coletti Kaiser

Apiary Leadership is cheering for our founder and chair, Karen Amundson, and her new passion project.

Alongside Ayat Shukairy and Chris Gee, Karen is a co-host of the new Deeper Than Color Podcast, which seeks to be a space for thoughtful and inclusive conversations about race and ethnicity in the U.S. with a different topic and guest on each episode.

Despite the growing pile of data showing the performance upside of inclusive marketing, we recognize that conversations about diversity and inclusion are often hard, always layered, and impact individuals and groups in a myriad of ways.

Karen’s new podcast will help us all have these complex and necessary conversations, better.

As Apiary continues to bring as much intentionality as possible to our internal conversations with client-partners and consultant-partners, we’re excited to see our founder and chair launch a personal project that so closely aligns with the proven principles of inclusive marketing.

Follow the Podcast here: