Data Privacy, a brand equity opportunity

Today’s winning brands are showing receipts for their sustainable practices, ethically sourced, non-toxic ingredients, and recyclable packaging. Brands that succeed tomorrow will excel in customer data privacy and transparency. 

There’s no question third-party cookies are dying out, and that the iOS14 privacy update will create ad performance challenges that must be addressed. Not to mention, there are plenty more privacy updates coming our way. Time to freak out? No! At Apiary Digital, we solidly believe this is an opportunity!

Your brand can be well-positioned to gain a competitive advantage by adopting a privacy-forward stance.

Instead of reacting to privacy changes, or looking for technical loopholes, your brand can win by being proactive and focusing on delivering an excellent customer experience. 

Check out our POV to learn more about the opportunities resulting from the iOS14 privacy update, sunsetting of third-party cookies, and other upcoming privacy-related changes. This Apiary POV also includes a 30, 60, and 90-day plan for building brand equity through data privacy. 

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