What to do to prepare now for Google’s upcoming algorithm update with “Core Web Vitals” metrics.

/ by Lauren MacPhail

In a rare departure from their standard modus operandi for announcing algorithm updates, Google is giving people a heads-up (with details!) about an important algorithm update that’ll be rolling out in May 2021. 

This algorithm update will incorporate new page speed metrics dubbed “Core Web Vitals” into their existing ‘page experience’ ranking metrics. The addition of Core Web Vitals will provide specific page speed and performance metrics, along with action items for webmasters to best-optimize their website content. Since it’s so rare for Google to make such detailed announcements this is one to really pay attention to, folks! 

Download our info sheet to learn what you need to do now to prepare. (Hint: For best results, you need to start making changes 28 days before this update hits)