Client-Partner Case Study: Building Engines

Improvements: Paid Search


Reduction in CPL, from $300 to $89


Increase in monthly lead quality. 75% some months.


Increase in monthly lead quality.

75% some months.

Building Engines

Best CPL ever for this B2B SaaS brand

A B2B company selling a building operations platform for commercial real estate developers, Building Engines needed support with scaling their paid search efforts. 

Their Apiary team leveraged flexible bid strategies to group ad groups together and set a max CPL target, resulting in a 62% reduction in CPL. 

Lead quality mapping and optimized communication flows between marketing and sales teams, was another project priority. Biweekly lead quality assessments to determine lead quality and MQL status allowed us to bid more efficiently and add negative keywords to align messaging with the highest quality leads.

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!