Sales Operations Consultant


  • Location-independent
  • 6-month contractor position with the potential to turn into part-time employee
  • Set your own flexible schedule, prioritizing client and business needs during business hours
  • Reports to the Director of Hive Operations and Communications as part of the Operations team, the position supports the CEO in remit


Reduce friction in the Apiary sales process so the leadership team is more productive and growth becomes an outcome of successful coordination, thoughtful strategy, and clean approach to winning. This role will support  anything and everything that helps out sales teams establish and maintain sustainable growth. 

  • Support Apiary in managing the sales pipeline and closing deals
  • Time-savings and mindshare-savings for leadership and sales support teams
  • Ownership of deal points, and ability to move details through a successful process


Strategy & recommendations

Quarterback the process: get the team together, construct the brief, lead the team, but then bring in the thought leaders/subject matter experts and client strategist to drive the strategy and story on pitches.

  • Listen in on discovery calls (and contribute to discovery questions)
  • Lead the creation of pitch materials, guide team to deliver on initial approach to strategy story on pitches, bringing in subject matter experts to support wheelhouse discussions
  • Project manage/coordinate subject matter experts to craft the strategy and story for pitches outside your wheelhouse
  • Inputs on scoping & talent needs for pitches in your subject matter wheelhouse
  • Steward client opportunities into Hive

Strategy & recommendations

  • Get sales calls scheduled
  • Keep Salesforce tasks and details updated
  • Use data and reports (Salesforce) to make decisions about bottlenecks in the sales process
  • Stay on top of next steps and keep deals moving along
  • Keep talent informed on deal status
  • Execute on sales closing & client onboarding prep back-end process
  • Update sales content library as we create new material


You’re highly driven and passionate about co-creating and maintaining a framework for high-performing professionals to have impactful careers while still pursuing what’s important outside of work. You lead by example, living your own story while growing your career with the Apiary Collective. 

  • 5+ years experience in project management
  • 5+ years in performance marketing services
  • 5+ years of team operations experience
  • 1+ year remote work experience
  • Extensive background working with Fortune 1000 enterprise clients 
  • Prior exposure to working within a startup or small business
  • Passionate about working with people and teams
  • Experience working with freelancers and contractors
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Proficient with Google Suite or related software

We’re looking to build our roster of digital marketing consultants for both immediate and potential future projects across a variety of clients. Apply today.

Apiary Digital is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Program and employment policies of Apiary Digital are nondiscriminatory in regard to race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.

Meet Apiary

Not the typical origin story, Apiary Digital® began with the Founder leaving her San Francisco ad agency & B2B tech startup life to travel the world, with the grand plan to “Figure it out later.” Between milking cows in New Zealand and exploring rice fields in Bangladesh, she began independent consulting.

Via the generous referrals of friends and colleagues, things quickly grew into too much work for one person. Moreover, clients were requesting flexible access to deep expertise across a variety of skill sets. Talented digital marketers started coming out of the woodwork asking how they too could contribute to big client projects while working remotely and with the flexibility to do important things outside of work.

The demand for curating structurally flexible teams of independent performance digital marketing consultants (“The Collective”) became clear, and in 2015 Apiary Digital was born—a passionate community of on-demand marketers ready to drive results for clients.

Today, we are on a mission to take Apiary Digital to the next level, seeking a Director of Operations for this thriving, unique, small agency business. This is an exciting opportunity to build on a business that has both a strong foundation and room to partner in creating the future of the organization.

Let’s get started!
Let’s get started!