Flex Resourcing

Scalable access to expert resources to support your staff augmentation needs.

Flex Resourcing use cases

  • Transitional services while bringing programs in-house, or building a new team
  • Staff augmentation between hires or during maternity/paternity/family leave
  • Scalable coverage during seasonal or other busy periods
  • Agency white-labeling to cover variable client loads
  • Supplemental team for big launches, restructures, or other major project-based work
  • High-growth startups needing fractional support in multiple areas


  • Hit your aggressive performance goals. Buy yourself time and space to hire & train the right people
  • Reduce turnover. Keep your in-house team happy with manageable workloads
  • Align costs to revenue. Manage ad spend elasticity without the fixed costs of FTEs

B2B Tech Brand Leans on Apiary



A global brand was juggling multiple agency relationships to meet all of their business needs. By using Apiary as a stop-gap extension of their team, they were able to successfully bring everything in-house, eliminating the extra overhead associated with multiple agencies, and at the same time:


Maintained strong lead gen and CPA performance while gap-filling in-house hires that took longer than expected to materialize

Conducted extensive testing of third-party bidding platforms

325 SEM campaigns
100 social campaigns
400 display line items

Rolled out expansion into new channels

Leveraged Apiary’s strategic recommendations as part of their annual plans


White-label Flex Resourcing for Agencies

Support your clients with experienced, reliable talent and manage your variable workload with a white-label partnership.

Gain the niche expertise you need to win & service that big new AOR

Test out an expansion of your agency’s capabilities without making a big, permanent investment

Retain clients with your core competencies by servicing an expanded set of needs, rather than risking competition with another vendor

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