Apiary Digital Turns Two

What a fantastic couple of years! Thanks to the support of YOU—clients, consultants, Apiary alums; and the many individuals who’ve helped shape the vision of the Apiary collective, we are thriving!

Over the past two years, we’ve been driving impressive results for dozens of clients while developing meaningful working relationships.

How Apiary Got its Start

The Apiary brand is two years old, but the Apiary collective began forming in late 2013 when Founder Karen Amundson made the exciting decision to travel the world while independent consulting part-time.

Through the generous referrals of many of you reading this, Karen’s consulting practice began growing and she quickly realized:

  • Clients need a flexible model for accessing specialized experts in a variety of digital marketing disciplines, but it’s difficult to effectively recruit, vette, and manage remote teams of freelancers.
  • Independent consulting is great—but when you’re completely independent, it’s hard to keep knowledge up-to-date without being immersed in a team of people to learn from; it can be lonely; you can only take on small projects by yourself; and you spend a lot of non-billable time managing the business aspects of consulting instead of doing the thing you’re an expert at.
  • Clients can receive tremendous value through a curated team of experienced independent marketers.

As a result, in July of 2015, the Apiary Digital collective was born (See sidebar, “Apiary’s Collective Model”).

Who We Have Become

Right from the start, it has been a priority to fill the Apiary collective with high-caliber talent coming from the best brands in digital, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Microsoft. Many of our consultants have 8-15 years of experience.

We are proud to have a team of consultants who are professionally driven and attracted to working at Apiary because of its lifestyle-friendly model. We think of our consultants the way we think of our clients: If we don’t provide an excellent consulting experience, they will get work somewhere else because talent of this caliber is in high-demand. Similarly, consultants know they need to prove their value-added by moving the needle for our clients. This synergistic relationship creates a high level of quality. It’s a win-win for clients and consultants alike!

Raising Our Glass in Gratitude For You

Apiary has seen incredible organic growth through referrals by respected industry colleagues. We consider these referrals “votes” from authoritative sources—like a search engine might rank high-quality backlinks. Without our current and former clients and consultants, and the support of early adopters, there would be no Apiary. Here’s to many more years of successful partnership between members of the Apiary collective and our clients!

Happy Apiaryversary!


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